Seriously Herman Cain?

The Cain campaign is about as unorthodox as you can get. Half the time it’s just a struggle trying to figure out if the man is joking or not. You have to hand it to him though, he has certainly figured out how to say a whole bunch of crazy shit and then laugh it off as a misunderstood joke.

The New York Times puts this idea into perspective perfectly:

Cain pivoted over to Obamacare, which he said could destroy America’s health system. “We got the best in the world!” Cain said. “Why do you think sheeks and shakes and shikes come here when they get sick? Because we have the best — ” Cain stopped short. “That’s supposed be a joke, y’all.”

Installing an electric fence to zap illegals trying to cross the border?…..Na just joking.

Weird campaign video with a smoking chief of staff and a smiling Cain creepily staring into the camera? Kind of joking…..

Force your hand up a women’s skirt…Wait, joking?

The American electorate has proven it will tolerate a ton of crazy shit, especially on the right, but where does reality begin and the pseudo-reality polyurethane glassy-eyed television show end. At the end of the day we are talking about some serious shit going on here. I like absurdity just as much as the next guy, I’m just wondering if their is a level of tolerance or just a shoulder shrug and then back to the grind.

Or as a New York Times magazine piece quotes:

“That’s the magic of Herman Cain,” said an admiring Richard Marriott, chairman of Host Hotels & Resorts, who worked with Cain when both were at the National Restaurant Association. “No matter what he comes up with, they all laugh and say: ‘That’s great. He’s different.’ If somebody else came out with that ad, they would tear him apart.”

And maybe he’s right. Maybe America should “lighten up” and get a sense of humor. Aren’t we all too serious about not having a place to live? About families torn apart because of a never ending war? About a whole generation of kids like me with no prospects and a crippling student loan debt? Naaa, laugh it off. These are all jokes too. More fictional scenes on the reality show of life. We don’t need a commander-in-chief. Let’s elect a guy like Mr. Cain, a clown-in-chief. I’m not all that interested in being politically correct, but shouldn’t we all at least know when to laugh. Laugh to keep from crying I guess. Herman is just going to keep laughing on his way to the bank. I have to ask though. Mr. Cain, when does your reality show air?

taken from the New York Times website

Herman Cain, 1966