Governor Goes for Hair Pull, Girl Reaches for First Amendment

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has switched roles with an 18 year-old high school girl. The girl, Emma Sullivan, tweeted to her friends that the governor “sucked” while he gave a speech at her school and the governor is like totally angry at that stupid bitch.

Of course, his office monitors all mention of the governor’s name on Twitter and decided to take the step of informing the girl’s principal, who mediated the two bickering sides and came to the conclusion that Sullivan should write Brownback a letter of apology.

Let the hair pulling, Facebook attack messaging, “That bitch said what?!?!” commence. It’s going to be a smack-down in the lunch room and the governor isn’t taking his promise ring off before he starts slapping.

But wait…. O snap. This 18 year-old girl took the high road and left the governor kicking a single mattress that his parents bought. That’s right, she refused to sign a letter of apology and doubled down, asking instead to sit down with the governor and have a conversation about her policy disagreements. The governor’s office did what any privileged click would do: they ignored her, and have since ignored requests from NPR to comment. What a world we live in; a high school girl defends the First Amendment as a governor complains that he doesn’t, in fact, suck. You’ve got to give this girl credit, she didn’t even make fun of his name. And it’s so easy.